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The Bristol Black Dragon Kickboxing Club was founded in 1998 by Rita Ogden and offers a full range of disciplines including semi contact, light continuous, full contact, sparring weapons and creative forms to music, traditional kata and street self defence.

Rita started her club with the help and guidance of Master Richard Hopkins, who is founder and president of World United Martial Arts Federation. (W.U.M.A.).

Rita achieved the award of Most Successful Female Instructor within W.U.M.A, which is world wide, and is a Grade A International Referee and a qualified martial arts medic; she's had numerous competition successes.

Today Rita dedicates her time to teaching and supporting her students, many of which have been chosen to take part in the Great Britain World Champion Squad. 

Rita is a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Wado Ryu Karate, a 6th Dan Black Belt in Hop Kuin Do Kickboxing and a 1st Dan Zen Shin Do Samurai Sword.  Rita's son Matt is also at this level, is at the forefront as a senior instructor at the club teaching the latest techniques learned from travelling all over the world on the competition circuit.  He a huge amount of competition experience from the age of 5 and is listed in the W.B.O.B. World Hall of Fame.  Matt has too many international titles to keep track with, and also claims six world champion titles.

Come and join us, you will be assured that you will be given as much help as possible to reach standards that you never thought achievable.


●  Fitness & Flexibility ● Body Toning ● Self Defence ● Discipline ● Team Spirit ● Respect ● Anger Management  ● Anti-Bullying ● Beginners Welcome