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Grades reflect your level as you progress with your knowledge and skills of martial arts.  Lower belts must always show respect to any higher belt as part of their disciplines.

Katas and Self defence will be part of the grading syllabus. Katas are important for discipline, reflexes, muscle strength and stamina.  For those that do not wish to compete sparring there are competitions for Kata.


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  • Applications for grading must be handed in and paid for one week before the actual grading date.

  • All students must have current licences.

  • It is the responsibility of individual students to ensure their licence is valid.

  • All students must wear the proper uniform and have the correct sparring gear.

Registration is at 6PM for immediate start - don't be late!

Grading Dates for 2020 at Stanshawes Court 11am
Saturday March 14th
Saturday June 13th
Saturday September 26th
Saturday December 12th
Grading Results & BDB Competition - date to be advised

Grading Belt Colour, Clothing & Cost & Self Defence

Below are the grading belt colours that you can achieve during your training with the club together with the cost of the grading.  You must wear your club uniform.  For the Grading Instructions click here.


Belt Colour

  Click Colour Below To View Grading Syllubus

      white 25.00
      yellow 30.00
      orange 35.00
      green 40.00
      blue 45.00
      purple 45.00
  Brown 1st Tag Belt   1st tag brown 45.00
  Brown 2nd Tag Belt   2nd tag brown 50.00
  Brown 3rd Tag Belt   3rd tag brown 50.00
      black belt 60.00

Matt Aged 13






●  Fitness & Flexibility ● Body Toning ● Self Defence ● Discipline ● Team Spirit ● Respect ● Anger Management  ● Anti-Bullying ● Beginners Welcome