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Rita Winning The British Ladies Full Contact Title 2007






Just Drop In & Join A Class - Your First Lesson Is Free

Come and join in any class and speak to Rita or telephone beforehand - tel: 07787 526294. 

To become a member of the Black Dragon Blitzers Kickboxing Club you can obtain the form from Rita or download the Membership (65) and Licence Application Form (20) (click here)

Licence application forms are obtainable from Rita directly.


Training once a week is 20 monthly,  two or more training sessions is only 35 monthly, payable by standing order. 

You can obtain a Standing Order Form (click here)

Clothing - Click Here For Photos of BDB Current Uniform

We expect everyone to ensure our club looks smart and our students proud to wear the blackdragon  uniform.

The blackbelts wear the blackdragon white t shirts or vests and the black and white trousers. 

The students wear black blackdragon t shirts/vests and black and white trousers. All students must wear the correct uniform to training.

The only exception is the BDB Squad uniform which can be worn at squad training.  The only students allowed this uniform are the ones that compete for Blackdragons at competitions.

All uniform and sparring equipment must be purchased through Black Dragon.

●  Fitness & Flexibility ● Body Toning ● Self Defence ● Discipline ● Team Spirit ● Respect ● Anger Management  ● Anti-Bullying ● Beginners Welcome